Start and stop timers with a tap

Timing takes the hassle out of tracking your time. Starting and stopping a timer takes just one tap!

Our mobile apps are built natively, with a lot of care, to offer you a best of breed user experience. We use the latest and greatest features of iOS and Android to provide you the best mobile experience possible.

Our web app is designed to work fluidly on all modern browsers.


Offline enabled

Our mobile apps are built to work offline.

We understand that your work does not stop when you lose network connectivity. Our mobile apps are built with a custom offline enabled sync engine that allows you track your time even when your device is offline, and syncs up with our cloud hosted securely when your device comes back online. Your data will not be lost, even when you’re offline.



With our mobile apps’ Reminders feature, you never have to worry about forgetting to stop a timer again.

You will be notified every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour when you have timers running.


Visualize your time

Our mobile and web apps allow you to visualize how you spent your time in a calendar-like interface.



Create time sheets for yourself and your colleagues easily.

Analyze the time spent by someone in your organization, or on a project your organization is working on.

Export time sheets to pdf, and excel, to send to your clients, managers, or colleagues.


Manage your projects

You can create and manage the list of projects your team is working on from our mobile and web apps.